Club Rules

Like every club, Dressplay has rules that must be followed. Please read the Club Rules below for a safe and welcoming environment for everyone.
If the rules are violated, the member will be warned or banned. A second chance is always our first choice, unless the violation is too serious.
  • Respect the Club Rules!
    First rule is very simple: breaking the rules may mean ejection!
  • Respect the dress code!
    We are a clothes fetish shopping club. We don't like nudity but we love to dress up and do crazy things.
  • Respect "Dos and Don'ts"!
    Accept and respect the personal content guidelines of the Club Mates and the club itself.
  • Respect club decisions!
    All club decions, made by the Club Mates or the management are final.
  • No hatespeech or insults!
    Do not offend other club members, the Club Mates or the club management. Stay polite and friendly.
  • No stalking or tracing!
    Do not bother the Club Mates in their private lives. We will instantly take action against it. Zero tolerance applies.
  • No copyright violations!
    Do not post club content elsewhere, original or modifed (deep fakes, collages). True fans support. They don't steal.
  • No date/paid sex requests!
    The Club Mates are not available for personal meetings of any type. We are a virtual club and available online only.
  • No illegal content in the club!
    Never send, use, request or offer illegal content or activities. Check our blacklist here!
  • No refunds or money return!
    All sales are final. We are like a cinema, no refunds for tickets unless closed for technical reasons. We do refund credits for deals and projects in the case of failure.
  • No chargebacks!
    Chargebacks are fraud and financial crime. We will take legal action against chargebacks. All transactions are 3D-Secure and there is no sense for the "it wasn't me" argument.
Please contact our support team if you have any questions, suggestions, or remarks regarding our club rules.
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